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Originally Posted by intriguing89 View Post
My husband illusion010101 and I have our 14year old daughter living with us. She has been visiting her grandparents for the last several weeks so we have not had the opportunity to sit down and discuss our recent change in situation. Our daughter has always known that I am Bi We have always been very open and honest about sex and she has friends that are gay so I believe she will be understanding. We plan to explain to our daughter that L will be around alot but that she is not expected to think of her as another mom but that we want her to take her time and define what L will be to her. Explaining there will be more love for her,not less, another woman to talk to and spend time with. As my husband and I are new to the poly lifestyle we would appreciate any suggestions or advice you may have to offer us.
I'm curious why you have to qualify that your daughter is not expected to think of this woman she is just meeting as another mom? Why not simply say that she is your g/f, you guys lover her and she will be around alot. Then ask if she has any questions. Don't try and sell her on this person, just let them get to know each other in their own time.
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