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hi there... I'm looking forward to learning, exploring, and adding to this forum.

I have been married for 8 years and came into my relationship with my husband because he became a part of my relationship with my ex-wife. We got married, bought a house, had a child and then a couple of years ago decided to get back into our poly lifestyle. He has had little success finding a partner, but has made some good friends.

I have found, through a lot of effort dating, three men and one woman to become intimate with. one man is an old friend and our relationship changed when we discovered we both are poly. The second man is a new relationship that is based also on friendship with benefits. The woman I have decided recently that I have to move on from. I'm not that attracted to her and want to find someone that I am attracted to.

The final and most important man has become my secondary. He and I met when I was at the end of a long and drawn out period of dating. I was not all that interested at first as he seemed the same as all the others more curious and lusty over my seemingly free sexuality. I agreed to meet and we had an immediate connection and love for one another. We have been together ever since. He comes from a very different background from me and almost on a daily basis I am faced with new information and challenges to my understanding of the world I have lived in. We have the same values though and that is what is essential for any relationship. He identifies as monogamous and believes our relationship to be that of a mono/poly variety.

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