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Thank you for everyone's replies!

LovingRadience, i'm sorry to hear your experience last year turned out so upsetting. i hope that whatever happens this year, its better for you.

its interesting to see how different groups handle events differently. i'm not so bothered by the idea of a romantic night for us - just getting a night out for us, i think would be really good and as i said - this is a great excuse! we've not really been on a date all three of us yet so it should be a good laugh.

i've booked us a lane at the local bowling alley (they have an arcade there too - is it sad that i'm looking forward to beating my girlfriend's ass at street fighter? ) which i've told her about for us to surprise him with. and now i'm in talks with him to book a nice dinner somewhere for us to surprise her with. *giggles and claps* i love it when a plan comes together! (think i need a cigar now)

i happened to be in the card shop today and saw matching cards - but i think that would be going much too far.
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