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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
LB is doing a school project this week for his week of "star of the week" he has lots of pictures he wants to put on the bristol board I got and showed them to his grand parents tonight. There are lots of Mono in there and he is obviously very proud. I just posted pictures to FB of our family at Christmas and other events. We all look content and happy; especially LB. He talked about his pictures and I asked him what he will say about the ones where we are all standing together as a family. He said, "that is mumma, daddy, me and Mono... he is my best buddy." I just smiled and thought... "well, here we go, one more step towards completely being out." His principle has already asked who Mono is... I think we will go with LB's version. He is his best buddy.
That's awesome!
Sweet Pea has always been that way with GG. GG calls Sweet Pea his little buddy too.

I think it's great that your son has another wonderful loving relationship and isn't afraid to say so.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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