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Default next level?

it's been 7 months that i've been with my boyfriend. his wife and i were intimate for a couple of months but decided it was not for us, since we've been friends for many years, but she wanted to experiment so i agreed.

i feel very attached to her hub, my boyfriend. it's still at the infatuation stage for me. he also has feelings.

i guess what i'm trying to say, is that sometimes it's hard being content just seeing him once or twice a week. occasionally we all do things as a family, like the beach, watch a move, bowling, etc. as a family, they have 4 children and i do too.

i don't have a problem, it's just hard sometimes for me, bcz, they are together everynight w/ eachother and i am single now..and happy, but sometimes it feels lonely when i want to be with him or him and her together.

thanks for reading.
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