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Default thinking @ goin to poly convention

i would like to go to the poly convention that's coming up in philly. i just e-mailed a link to my boyfriend's wife.

we are in a triangle. wife and i close friends. husband/boyfriend hasn't fully embraced poly lifestyle, except when it concerns him being w/ me, but that's another issue.

i really hope either she or both want to go with me.

sometimes, i feel kind of isolated because we have such a beautiful relationship, and our children are friends, working thru my teen daughter's acceptance...not happening so far, sigh. but, i am always carefully navigating our relationship. it would be nice to branch out and learn more. i'm just hoping that my boyfriends wife will go with me...if he went, that would be a shock, but someone has to stay close by for the chldren anyway.

thanks for reading. have a good day.
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