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Hi Robin,

I really appreciate your awareness around the confused communication...

I am in a situation where my wife has been struggling with the concept of poly and one minute she expresses that she wants me to be in another relationship and the next minute her emotions show me that she is not coping. She struggles to be honest and open about her needs and desires. This does make things more difficult for everyone...

However, the other person involved who I have a deep connection with cannot pursue that connection when she knows my wife is hurting as a result. Even if I wanted to pursue the connection, she wouldn't. I admire this in her and I know my wife feels supported by her (sometimes more supported by her than by me!! - but I'm working on that one!!)

I appreciate that you want this to work and that is good... Let it take whatever time it takes. While each involved still has hope, there is hope! Trust the timing that it will be the right timing...
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