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Default I don't have much of a disguise.


I'm 31, a sculptor/blacksmith/teacher/stone mason/writer/etc.
Ohio born, but I've lived and worked in most regions of the U.S., except for New England...

Moved back to Ohio for family medical reasons about four months it were, I simultaneously left a tragically failing 3 year relationship with a dear friend in the Southwest. I breath easier these days.

Currently, I am the live-in caretaker for a beautiful historic home that I cut my remodeling teeth on when I started college years ago. Surrounded by art every day of my life. And then some...

Rarechild has been Friend to me in ways I will never be able to describe. I'm in love with my Friend. Her husband, Catfish, has been a Friend to me in ways I will also never be able to describe. I love my Friend. We three have been a Vee since I arrived back in town in October...Rarechild felt it proper to hit me in the chest with her big poly-love hammer before I could consider hittin' the road again. Wrang my bell, so to speak.

Uh, Rarechild and I got T-boned by a truck the other day while I was in town for some much needed family time. Everybody's OK, but the car's scrap metal. Made for some highly unexpected and blessed family time, and that ain't no joke.

There's my nutshell.
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