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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Also - if, in a committed mono relationship, one meets someone else, compares them to their partner and is tempted to leave, there usually is trouble brewing in the relationship already. Another person didn't cause it.
I thought I would add a little real life example of this. I'm not saying this is always the case but in my case NYcindie hit it right on the head.

When I had an affair it was never about finding a better person to connect too; it was about conciously/subconciously finding a person to connect to. I had lost my connection with my wife which provided the opportunity for another to form. There was no overlap, there was already a void waiting to be filled. I'm mono...when I am connected to someone that is it, the door is closed. Every new beginning starts with some other beginnings end (taken right out of a song and in that ends before another can start).

For a truly poly person every new beginning has the potential to enhance and propel any previous beginnings....there doesn't have to be an end

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