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Default Hello everybody :o)

I am in a long term relationship of 12 years. It is and always has been an amazing relationship. Everyone that knows us is very aware of how good my girlfriend and I are together. Perfect one might say?

Nearly two years ago we became friends with a new person, I'll call her G for now. So much fun, good times. The three of us fell completely and evenly in love, this well before anything physical happened. Eventually one thing lead to another and we found ourselves living a surreal, wonderful and dream like existence. A three way relationship running on six cylinders. And then some. A feeling of utter happiness, an awareness of an infinite capacity to love consumed all three of us. Perfect had just got better.

It went on for six blissful months until sadly it was eventually extinguished. Things were beginning to get rather serious, talk of telling the parents Etc. It was becoming impossible to keep quiet and I guess the fear crept in, reluctantly we decided to chicken out. Quitting while we were ahead.

A year on and now the 2 of us, we're still very happy and we've definitely gained another deep level of understanding from the experience. We'd love to have another go, but it's pretty difficult I guess. We know we're different, nobody we know really understands. That's why it's good to have stumbled across this site and read the lovely stories. Good to know we're not alone. Dill xx
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