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Interesting enough me and my girlfriend talked about the issue of me referring to myself as monagomous and how it seems to strike a cord with some people. She wondered if there was a political aspect. I believe there is now.

I am proud of my relationship, proud of her and her family, proud that I appreciate the nature of polyamory and proud to be monogamous with her. I use labels to identify fundamental natures of loving and not to identify anything beyond human relationships.

I have no interest in politics or seeking acceptance from society. I simply want to share my emotional experiences from a place of knowledge as I move through this wonderful endless adventure.

I have three things that guide my friendships when talking to people about my relationship.

a) I don't need understanding
b) I certainly do not need aproval
c) To be my friend you simply have to accept that I am happy.

I am monogamous because I only love one person in an intimate way at a time. I don't work any other way.
To clarify: Intimate Love, for me, refers to love that is expressed sexually as well as through other means. I don't intimately love my parents or siblings. I intimately love my girlfriend.

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