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To further hijack the topic... sorry TP

I agree with you Neon, it takes forever for my English wired brain and tongue to sorta "loosen up" so to speak to even get close to pronouncing some Polish words.

Wrocław for example I had to say over and over about 500 times (not even kidding) to get the hang of it... and then you have to overcome the tendency to use English letter sounds and say it like "wro-claw". :/

The trilled "r" that comes so naturally to speakers of many languages fights me tooth and nail to come out sounding even halfway natural.

I think it would help if I had a patient native speaker that wanted to just slowly say the word over and over until I could sort out the sounds. Some online stuff goes way to fast for a beginner to figure out.

Along with a g/f, I am looking for a native speaker of Polish to make friends with.... maybe life will be super kind to me and they will be the same person. hah
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