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Originally Posted by Olderwoman View Post
wow... you might need a family tree diagram to keep track of those connections. Sounds like a bunch of people just being open about who their friends are and what the nature of their relationship is.

I always laugh when I see a television show with a court room and the lawyer asks the witness, "what is the nature of your relationship with the defendant?"

It would be funny if the witness answered, "Well he's my wife's girlfriend's lover, but sometimes my sister's brother and me are also intimate with him because he's bisexual. ...But we're all very good friends. "
lol. Yeah, I was just complimented for being able to hold 2 relationships for 20 months today and I thought to myself.... 2 relationships? But there's teh relationship between me and Wolf, me and Wendigo, me and Pretty Lady, separately and combined....
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