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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Well, I said it sounds like she may be a cowgirl. I didn't say she IS a cowgirl. I don't have enough information to conclude that.

This part in the quotes, however - it makes my head hurt that there are people who need to have this explained to them in this day and age.

but it also brings up something else. Are your husband and she not using condoms, and has everyone been tested prior to doing so? Do you not use condoms with your other partners prior to being tested? Why would you even put her and your husband in the position of "bringing something back to them", and if you were to do so, how does talking about it help you not catch a STD? Sure, talking about it is grooovy, but you have to DO something about it too, in order to PREVENT it..
Of course we all are tested and of course we all use condoms but there is always a risk. We also pick our partners carefully and talking about it and bringing them in on the decision helps us all feel like we have some say in the matter. It is all of our lives that are affected by new partners and especially if love is involved. That could mean eventually bringing a new person into our family.
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