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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
It sounds like she may be what is sometimes referred to as a "cowgirl" - a person who gets involved with someone in a poly or open relationship with the intentions of getting them to give up their other partner(s) and be monogamous with the cowgirl/boy.
OK I read that again and I can see that happening. She seems to be fine with me doing stuff with someone else and didn't even understand why I was bothering to ask her what she thought. I explained to her that even though she and I weren't dating didn't mean that what i do directly effects her life as well. She still didn't understand. I explained that B (my husband) has sex with me and has sex with her, so when I go out there is always a risk of bringing something back to them. She thought about it and thanked me for thinking about her like that but she really didn't care what I do.
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