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GG is mono-very very mono, a lot like Mon.

He doesn't socialize in the poly group much. He pretty much limits any interest at all to Mon & RP.

He's a pretty open and social person in "real life" but he hasn't a lot to talk about in terms of polyamory, because there isn't anything about BEING poly that remotely interests him.

On the other hand, he gets a LOT of flack from people in the monogomous world who think he's just getting used.

So-he tends to just not talk about it at all.

For example, I went to his work xmas party with him. He introduced me as his girlfriend. But no explanation about the fact that I'm also happily married. I keep wondering what will happen if I see these people in public and I'm hanging on Maca's arm......

So far that hasn't happened, but the truth is-it's only a matter of time, it's not a very big place we live in.
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