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Originally Posted by Andy4700 View Post
My new English word of the day! haha

The cases and declensions really grab me. I have not been able to understand them very well yet, but its interesting how the ending of words shift and morph so much.

And as for pronouncing Polish words... a fair few make my poor tongue want to cry... others sound like guttural sounds, like trzy and cztery, and I connot figure out how to say them.

I'd love to meet a Pole that was willing to coach my pronunciation and laugh at me/with me. lol
I don't know if you can teach someone to make those sounds. I grew up hearing other people say them and I copied it just like I copied the english words I heard. It is hard to imagine how one would pronounce a word with 5 or 6 consonants in a row, but some of those consonants are not actually separate sounds, they are one sound in two or three letters, like "tch" in "stitch" in english. but I'll tell you that I do detect a difference in the way i hold my tongue and palate when I'm pronouncing polish words. I'm not sure if it's possible to describe it to someone unless they have grown up speaking two different languages, or at least being exposed to more than one language from infanthood. I think it probably has something to do with the wiring of the brain prior to the acquisition of linguistic skills in a person's development (like if you speak gibberish baby-talk to an infant or toddler, it will mimic those speech patterns, so will it mimic more mature and diverse speech patterns if it is exposed to them).

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