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Usually we do the Valentine's Day thing.

This year I already sent an email to both guys telling them that I don't want flowers, gifts, dinner, cards etc. If they want to give me a Valentine's Day gift they can put the $$ towards my expenses for going to Victoria this summer.

I will still probably get them each a card.

My FAVORITE gift is in a drawer as an "untouchable".
Last year Maca got me a ring, then gave it to me with a card that said it was from "them", signed by both of them.
But within days there was a fight when it came out that he didn't WANT it to be that way, just thought I'd take it better if it were (which was hogwash) and all hell broke loose.
I returned the ring adn told him to keep it. Never touched it since.

Just THINKING about this year was making me sick until I decided I was going to Victoria this summer and sent that email.

So, no dinner, flowers, cards, candy etc here. Will probably be at home with the many kiddos unless Spicy Pea goes into labor (I'd laugh so hard if she had a valentine's day baby). Then we'll be at the birthing center....
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