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Originally Posted by RfromRMC View Post
We will probably act like a couple would. Dinner out someplace nice and romantic...with cards and maybe a small gift for each other. (Not necessarily candy or roses but probably something more useful...a nice new shirt or shoes, etc.)

The main issue I think we'll have is that most restaurants around here serve a special "Prixe Fixe menu for two" on Valentines, instead of their normal menu. We'll have to do our homework and find someplace that isn't doing that...or at least allows a modification for three.
(And add the fact that I don't eat red meat, and C doesn't like seafood...needless to say we got work to do! )
You could do it the day before or the day after and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and more menu options.

My whole issue with V-Day has to do with "You gotta do it ON THE DAY". I have no issue with celebrating the IDEA of a lovers' holiday, but it doesn't have to be OMG ON TEH DAI that popular culture dictates.

Going out to eat on Valentines day, you're crushed in there because restaurants are trying to fit in as many two-tops as they can, they have reservations back-to back, so you can't take your time because they need the table by a certain time, the waitstaff usually hates working because despite the fact that they earn tips, they are still dealing with fussy people all day long who need everything to be perfect, women who want their dressing on the side and men who are wondering if this will be good enough to get them a blow job AND some pussy... You get the idea.

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