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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I usually don't bother. I have never been a huge fan of valentines day. I try to be romantic most of the time, having corporate america telling me a specific day to be doesn't really do it for me
Me too.

I do have one caveat - I remind my husband how lucky he is that he doesn't have to do anything or get anything for me JUST because it's a certain date. All our partnered male friends are required by their women to jump through rings of fire and if they get ONE LITTLE THING wrong, they suffer. To me, a "lovers' holiday" should not be about emotional blackmail.

He does remember our anniversary because he was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, although he left the cult years before we met (AND because our anniversary is 03-03-03), and the only thing they are allowed to celebrate are weddings and wedding anniversaries.

But other than that, we just do thoughtful things for one another all throughout the year. We don't have other partners at this time, so that's not an issue.

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