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Originally Posted by Andy4700 View Post
I haven't seen any of the Polish spam yet...

But yeah, I am interested in Polish and Slavic language. I am not at all Polish, but met a girl who introduced me to, and then got me hooked on the language.

Do you speak and Polish Neon? Or have any family that is fluent?
You haven't seen the Polish spam because I deleted it. Even if it is Polish, it is still spam, and we don't want it.

I understand some polish, but I don't read or write it very well (obviously I can recognize it when I see it), and I speak some words to my elderly grandfather who is in a nursing home, but mostly I just nod and repeat back the last few words he says to me that I am able to understand. The nursing home staff thinks that I speak "perfect Polish", LOL! My parents were/are fluent, but my mother is dead and I don't really have any contact with my father. I've been wanting to take a class at the Cambridge Adult Education Center, but it starts at 7:30 at night and it conflicts with my sleep and roller derby schedule(s).
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