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Considering getting snipped myself. The reason? Because I think it would be the best option for our relationship. T, L, V. I am T, my wife is L, and our girlfriend is V. L has had her tubes tied. V has not. V is on a BC shot, and says it has worked well for her in the past. However, due to her insurance ending at one of her jobs (she is going full time at a diff job now) her shots will have to wait a little while. This puts us at risk. Not at risk of STD's....But of pregnancy. There is always a chance, and I don't like chances. Not when it comes to kids. It's not fair to the child. And, honestly, wearing a condom, is a drag. Get all hot and in the moment, and "oh...wait...hold on a sec while I rip open a condom and put it on." I hate that moment. It should be a good moment, but I hate it. So, my wife and I have thought about it in the recent past. I have gotten a lot of info on it also.

Now to the "other part" of it all. This subject came up when my wife and I were dating another couple. I was ok with it, but my wife was like "You wouldn't get snipped with me after our second child, but you would for HER? WTF?". A reasonable question I think. But I didn't have a good answer. Any help people? Because I know it's gonna come up again.
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