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Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
OneSoul- I'm not the original poster. I am a female with bipolar disorder who was a bit ruffled with your labeling this apparently emotionally unstable person as bipolar. And, from what you described, your ex suffered from maybe anxiety, depression, poor body image, abuse, a persecution complex, etc. Bipolar is about highs and lows to be very simple. Too high and too low.

As far as the rest, yeah, anyone who needs help has to want it for it to work.
Oh!.. Well.. From what I have read, learnt and know about Bipolar disorder.. It makes people swing high low super fast.. One moment happy and another suicidal. And extremely unaware that this is happening to them.

I've seen that pattern big time in 2-3 women. So, maybe you do not fall into the general characteristics of Biploar disorder.. Just the same way you do not fall into say any generalized label "women who're crazy for prada" etc.

PS: Question you have to ask yourself and not me is, why do you feel offended when someone talks about another person who is Bipolar and totally disconnected from you, when you yourself know that you are an exception in the so called Bipolar "characteristics"? Are you taking on a negative connotation just by your own association with the word? You feel like you are being targeted? You are being defensive and have to take up the defense for ever person with BiPolar.. however diverse each may be.
PPS: I am extremely non judgmental. To the point I've even compassionately forgiven someone who literally destroyed my life.. But then again.. Everything has a purpose in life..

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