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Default Advice+grain of salt=choosing a path worth taking


Now, you hear me and you hear me well...

I don't often take this fatherly tone with folks; I'm usually quite patient. But you asked for advice and I'm givin' it to ya...

Get out. Now.

"Here is a toast (clink) to the Heart that knows it is better off broken"

I'll spare you the anecdotal evidence and experience that will give credence to my advice about relationships; There are other threads for that. Just trust me for now when I say that you need to hear these words and trust that someone else has already been down a similar road.

Get out. Now.

The yelling, the screaming, the physical expression of inner turmoil... it's not worth your time or your love. Maybe, and I mean maybe, later. There are now 6.5 BILLION people in the world... you get to choose who gets the gift of your love. The situation you currently find yourself in is, I'm sorry to say, abusive, caustic, volatile, and out of control. Remove yourself, along with your heart, and start reevaluating the situation from a distance.
You will be thankful for the fresh air, at least.

Thursday, huh? Tell him to get bent. Move on.

Grain of salt:

I believe the fastest way to move along in life is to not spend time reinventing the wheel; learn from the mistakes of others. However, I also believe, just as strongly, that making enormous amounts of your own mistakes is the ONLY way to learn to make beautiful things for yourself and learn to live a beautiful life.

So there.
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