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Thank you all for your comments. They were quite insightful. I do agree that all three of us need to sit down together again to determine the best way to more forward so that everyone's needs can be met.

I am approaching my third trimester and there is no time like the right time and the right time is now; to bring order and direction to our family. I am pressing forward although it is very clear that Mark is having some challenges with this family ideal. I have reached out to him this past Saturday and to date he has yet to respond to my offering to chat, going bowling or to have dinner so that he and I can develop a better rapport. Omari has informed me that Mark is not the best communicator, and I get that. However it doesnt change the fact that his non-response sends a poor message.

I'm torn because although Mark was fully aware that Omari is a bi-man who has always wanted to have children; Mark just like myself and Omari did not know the extent to which this process would go. Here we are I am definitely ready to forge ahead, my understanding is that Omari does too. Mark seems to be dealing without some other life defining moments in addition to trying to adjust to the idea of his partner extending their union to include me, a 10 y/o and a new baby.

mmmmmm so how do we or how do I proceed. Do we wait for Mark to decide what his involvement will be or do we continue to move forward based on decisions that Omari and I make? Well as mentioned above... we need to talk!
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