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Default An unlikely defender

Originally Posted by OneSoul View Post
I think Mono is what is wanted by people in the LONG RUN. But that is typically after people have played their field.. or do not have the opportunity/ ability to be playing the field.

If you think polyamory is about "playing a field" or not what some people want in the long run, then you either don't understand polyamory or have never met a truly polyamorous person.

I am completely monogamous and have a long monogamous history in marraige. Redpepper has alos been married for a considerable time, part of that mongamously. The three of us are not looking for monogamy in the long run because at the bare minimum that means someone loses out.

Even I don't want us to be monogamous because that would take away from her primary relationship and hurt her husband and son, both of which I care about intensley. We do want our poly relationship forever and are putting ourselves out there to achieve it.

Poly is not about searching. Poly is about loving more than one person and sharing for periods of our lives whether they be long or short. Everyone wants something differerent.

Living poly may be a stage...being poly is not.

And yet, I still find it hard to swallow.....luckily my heart is in the lead

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