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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Why is it that only religious people can call out other religious people? Only gay people can call out other gay people? Only black people can call out other black people? Only women can call out other women? Anyone who is not part of the same special-interest group is "oppressive and threatening" if they say something that doesn't align with whoever... That is such bullshit.

Fidelia, you can say whatever you want to this man. It's not like he's actually paying attention to what you say in the first place.
^^Yep. Smart lady talkin'.

I am RC, and so are the few friends that know I have a open marriage. I don`t run away from my chosen form of Christianity, just because I dont agree with a lot of aspects of it. For me, it would be much like me turning my nose up entirely at the polyamory community, just because I don`t agree with the way most of the unspoken 'rules' are set in place with a poly lifestyle .

To me, it would be throwing out the baby, with the bathwater. I chose to relish in what I find good, because I feel I am something and skip the shit that doesnt work, or apply to me. On both accounts.

What I am, and how I chose to exhibit my faith in anything, is what matters to me. Not other people`s traditions.

That all said Fidelia, I was able to tell my friends of my open marriage, because they already exhibited a open mind, and self-thinking (like me) through various opinions they had on religion, life, politics. Their actions showed me this. when I told them of things, they then came back and told me of some things in their life as well.

You say this man seems to be devout to the teachings he received. If he is a follower of his religion, versus a member of his chosen faith, then it might be moot trying to explain polyamory to him, if you have no romantic interest in him.

Basically his feelings are for you. Even if he tried polyamory on for size, it wouldnt be for feeling polyamorous, it would be because he wanted to see if he had a chance with you.

If thats not a option, there is no point in fixing something that isn`t broken for him.

...Now the talking over others.....?.......As a good friend, keep working on that.
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