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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
Talk about life, love, and spirituality in ways that don't threaten his Christian faith.
I'm sick and tired of people tip-toeing around "the Christian faith" (or any OTHER "faith", for that matter). If your "faith" exists to begin with, it CANNOT be "threatened" by mere people. Why is it that religious people can be obnoxious assholes, yet when someone calls them on it ("that isn't what JESUS would do", etc.) they get all "BWAH you disrespected MY RELIGION!!!11!!!!!one!!~" "oooh you can't draw a cartoon of Mohammed"

Why is it that only religious people can call out other religious people? Only gay people can call out other gay people? Only black people can call out other black people? Only women can call out other women? Anyone who is not part of the same special-interest group is "oppressive and threatening" if they say something that doesn't align with whoever... That is such bullshit.

Fidelia, you can say whatever you want to this man. It's not like he's actually paying attention to what you say in the first place.

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