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My sister is great at analyzing dreams, she could do it for a living, if there was a demand for that. She is of the school that believes all elements of a dream can represent a part of oneself.

I think the part about trying to take a picture of yourself with your cell phone is significant. It seems to address the way you pictured (wanted) things to go, and how you wanted people to see you, but your old way of doing it was limiting and literally falling apart. And communication was a large part of that. So you had to go out further (onto the deck) where you could see more of the situation (the big picture) to get clarity about what's happening. It's also interesting that you're at a standstill when your focus is on the little screen on the cell phone (could be interpreted as self-absorption or trying to make things fit into a pre-conceived "box"), but then the whole ship (life, relationship) starts to move forward in the water (emotions) when you look around you, include more in your view, and see the situation for what it is.
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