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I had a dream last night....That I actually kinda remembered today. I don't remember ALL my dreams. In fact, it's kinda rare for me to remember one. However, last night I dreamt I was on a cruise ship. I was on it as an employee or something. I have no idea who the group of people I was on it with were, but they were mostly younger than me. Well, I went to take a cell phone pic of myself, and I had no service to even take the pic. In fact, my phone was breaking also. Weird. So I went out on the deck to see if I could get service outside. Still no service, but I COULD see that we were hung up on a sand bar.....This lasted a few seconds, and then we were headed out to sea again.

I am a firm believer that dreams can represent our futures. (Not that they DO every time, but they can) A little research shows that a dream of being on a cruise ship can represent an emotional journey that a person is going through.

This makes sense to me, even if it has represented something past. With V, we hit a sand bar, and then moved on past it. I hope for smooth seas ahead.
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