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It really depends on the type of communication agreed upon and exercised in the relationship- what is comfortable for the parties involved. Maybe you two should have a conversation about that. Maybe you should calmly explain to your partner why this information is important to you and he can explain how he feels about having to disclose it. Maybe if he realizes that it is less about keeping 'dibs' on him and more about concern, courtesy, and maybe a bit of codependence (that may not be the right word) on your part due to the sketchy neighborhood, he would be more understanding and cooperative.

Personally, I don't require updates, check-ins or what have you. I would like my partners to tell me where they are going and what time they are meeting up but providing updates if they decide to go somewhere else afterwards or a return time isn't necessary for me; however, I am naturally more forthcoming with my information but that is my choice and I have learned, due to situations constantly backfiring and people reminding me, that I cannot hold other people to the standards I choose to exercise. I like to serve by example but most people don't pick up on that and I cannot be mad at them because I've made a decision to do something I was not asked to do and they don't adopt my way of doing things. Whatever is of utmost importance should be verbalized clearly and discussed rationally. I hope you guys have worked it out.
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