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I am guessing it depends on how many pre conceived bindings and stipulations we come in with?

At the moment I am not seeing anyone.. Spent 1.5/2 years being Celibate after an era of varying experiences.

In my case, I am probably not thinking Poly or Mono from the start. Probably just imply & be clear about casual dating... and let the energies take things forward... Whether it becomes FBs, FwBs, Casual Dating or more preferably the former ones turning deeper into more caring, loving... Polys.

The thing is, I doubt I'd be comfortable sharing my views on / even considering any kind of mono or poly relationship until certain boundaries have been crossed. Its my inner life.. and to get to it.. you've got to deserve it.. earn it.

I give the same respect to the other person as well.

Having noticed young people dating these days.. I think Monogamy is almost never in tow until after the dating becomes more regular... (chemistry is established.. and now before it gets serious the commitment is questioned).

Funny thing is I was shocked to see how some suppossedly morally traditional women would play the field as well to get the max bang for the bucks out in the market.
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