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Originally Posted by Tonmar01 View Post
Many thanks for your reply, Will have a looks at the link now.


Sounds good.

I did re-read your thread and one thing does come to mind. You mention you're prepared to have him move in. But have you first actually had dates with him?

Not just as a friend, but you know...romantic dinner dates, that kinda stuff. Make sure it's actually love and not just lust, you know! That would be my main recommendation so far. Gotta make sure everyone's falling in love with each other....or at least starting that process.

Also, I'm not just talking about dating all three of you together....pair him up with each of the two of you on one-on-one dates. To this day, the biggest weakness in our triad is that I haven't spent nearly as much quality time with C as I have with M...and I am still trying to put effort into that connection. As the article I mentioned says in one paragraph "Invest in every pair". Definitely a spot-on piece of advice there.
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