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No worries about any slow replies. I totally understand what you mean about the dying thing. My wife was ok with me and my girlfriend being in love with each other. She knew I wasn't going to leave, and knew that it didn't diminish my love for her (my wife) at all. She was there for me the entire time through the break up. I still remember hearing myself say "good-by D*******" the last time. For about a month after, I would go to work in hopes of hearing her voice on her hubby's cell phone, or possibly see her come into the shop. And the first time I saw her, she ignored me. She did this because of her husband. Not because of me. It is totally gut with all things....with all passes.

My ex's hubby told me the other day that she came to him crying because my wife and I don't talk to them anymore. I simply said "I'm sorry to hear that. But I'm trying to keep my work and my personal lives seperate. So I would appreciate your co-operation on it." He dropped it, but I could tell he was upset. He has told me that since we all broke up, him and his wife have not played with anyone else. I told him I was sorry to hear that, but it would never happen again with them and us. He got upset about that. Basically, because he couldn't handle his wife and I being in love, all his sex play got kicked out too. Oh well. I really don't feel sorry for him.

My advice to you? Be patient. Your husband may yet come around. My wife has bouts of jealousy about me and our girlfriend. How does she get over it? I have no clue. But when she tells me something makes her uncomfortable, I listen, and don't do it again! LOL So be patient Mama....It may yet happen. Just remember, the journey of 1000 miles, begins with but one step.....and is completed through countless hours of hard work and determination.

My wife feels jealousy easier than I do. I think the reason, is because earlier in our marriage, when we would argue, I would tell her I was leaving her. She NEVER ONCE told me that. Soi she feels that if I find someone better, I'll leave her for the new person. I continuously tell her I'm not going anywhere, but it is a rough road to go. That's for sure.
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