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It's such a silly loaded question that doesn't even mean what it looks like it means.

Those of us who are secure in our relationships would never ask the question unless we were truly interested in the answer. If the answer were "No", we would take that at face value, and if the answer were "Yes", we would appreciate the honest feedback.

Those who are insecure in their relationships have ulterior motives for asking that question. It is usually a red-herring as a prelude to an argument which can have no resolution: the argument itself is a means for obtaining the attention that is lacking in some other area. With these women (and I suppose men can be like this too, but it is usually women), There IS NO right answer. If you say "Yes honey you do look fat" then you are an insensitive bastard, but if you say "No honey you look fine" (or any of the other psycho-therapeutic textbook answers) then you're "not being honest".


This is the kind of thing that makes me appreciate my cats more and more. They putz and smack each other, but then they know how to get along when it comes time to share the bed (and they even let me share it with them!). None of them are all, "So-and-so hurt my peewins! WAH!"
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