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Maca's whole world was destroyed by my needs.

But-how I avoid that now is that I don't push.

I try to find the small steps that lead in a direction.

For example, with dating,

(I don't have an overnight with my bf)

We've agreed that a datenight every week or two works for now.
Working towards one a week.

That's not what I'd like to see it as, but it's more than what I had before; so it's a fair starting point.

Maca knows it's not fulfilling my needs-so he continues to work towards giving me more.


affection in front of him.

I'd like to just "do what's comfortable". But nothing is comfortable to him.

So it started with just a hug goodnight.
Now we've added in hugs anytime and periodically those hugs are "holding each other" for several minutes as we talk.
We've also added kisses to the goodnight hug.

One little babystep at a time.

We started the polyamory trail September 25th 2009.
It's a rough road to start down when dealing with insecurities and jealousy...
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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