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We had not honestly sat down and discussed our limits. We sat and talked about it last not and since his girlfriend is not a poly type person she would rather he not sleep with anyone else. I'm his wife so there is not choice there but she doesn't like to share. My husband does not feel like he could handle it if I fell in love with another man. I feel like I am living a poly life with a monogamous female and a swinger husband. If that makes any sense. I really want everyone to be happy. I know I am not wired the way most people are. I find joy and love when he fell in love with her. Most people think there is just something worn with me. I don't get jealous and I love my husband so much that I feel since he has fallen in love he should do what makes them happy. He said if I were to fall in love with someone else he would do his very best to give me what I have given him. I think I should really just avoid the situation since I know it would make him uncomfortable. This is all so new to us but it is defiantly how I would like my life to work out. I guess we don't always get what we wont though.
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