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Default Another one bites the dust....

So I was actually having a really great chat over the weekend with one woman, I had told her about poly and TP and she had said "cool" which probably should have been the first flag up that she'd not considered what that meant fully...because this morning I was text rejected....apparently she doesn't believe in Poly relationships (we are all imaginary like leprechauns, unicorns...both honest politician etc.) but also that people can't have more than one fulfilling romantic relationship...I had started to argue the validity of poly but stopped since I realized she couldn't be convinced...I know TP ALWAYS tells me I'm not being rejected, she is but I can't help feel like it's me...I guess I just keep pushing on...

I am still in quandary as to when to drop the P-Bomb but both in my profile online and after have had their drawbacks...where's that magic bullet when I need one?

EDIT: Oh and apparently I must have low self confidence to want a poly relationship.
Polyamory is wrong! It's Multiamory or Polyphilia. Mixing Greek and Latin roots? That's wrong.

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