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Mimi isn't sexually involved with any of us. But, for 20 years she's been my "right hand man" in raising my children.

All of the children adore her (there's my dd 19 1/2 yo, ss 14 yo,Godson 13 yo, ds almost 11 yo, dd 3yo). They would all just drop dead if they lost their "Auntie Mimi".

She's such an intricately woven part of their lives that all but the youngest (give her time) consider Mimi to be a "second mom" to them {godson says third mom}.

One of the keys for us (Mimi & I) has been that I (as mom) recognise her importance to the children. SHE also has made them a priority in her life and made time for her to spend with them without me (or the father). That has given them the ability to bond with her in their own individual and unique ways.

I think its WONDERFUL that you've found such a great friend and lover in Gia. I also think it's great that you feel love for Eric.

I think it's key to understand and accept that loving someone doesn't mean that you need to be lovers, but being a supporting part of anyone's family does require that you have a love for them!

Which means that you have all of the required components to be a great supportive and loving auntie+ (I say "auntie+ because you could be "just an auntie" or you may end up being an auntie and more to the child).

Enjoy that, ask both of them about things that they find important regarding the raising of the children so you can find your special "niche" with the little one.

For example; I hate to read aloud, but I do think it's important to read aloud to small children. SO Mimi-who LOVES to read aloud, read aloud to them when they were little and that was one of her little niches.

I also loathe going to get haircuts, perms, colors etc. So, that was something that she ended up doing with the kids. She also would take them on "shopping dates" as they got older, they'd go thrift store shopping to get a new pair of jeans or dresses etc.

And-congratulations on what sounds like a great relationship!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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