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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
Have you thought about the Mirena or another kind of IUD? I've had Mirena for 6 years (on the second one now) and it works great. The depot shot did some terrible things to me as well - including causing major weight gain, depression, anxiety, and a complete lack of sex drive - which for anyone who knows me is a practically a death sentence in and of itself, but I stuck with it for 3 years before realizing it was the cause. I'm allergic to spermacide myself and got pregnant on the pill, so this is my best choice and allows my husband and b/f to go bareback w/o worrying.
Actually I was thinking about that but have never met anyone who used it to ask about it. Depo caused major bleeding, weight gain hair loss and NO sex drive. Hubs said it was the best birth control because there was NO change of getting any to get prego LOL. Think I should talk to the doc about Mirena. Thanks
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