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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
My trust is based in the INTENTION. Did they INTEND to hurt me? If not-then there's no need to lose trust in them, we all make mistakes. Where as he trusts those who don't hurt him at all. Unfortunately for him, given time everyone will hurt you at some point.
It is difficult to separate the two types sometimes. Being hurt...........well hurts, no matter if it was intended or not. To avoid the pain, you tend to hold back your true self over time and before you know it, that becomes the norm. No one really knows who you are because you don't trust them with that knowledge.

A part of me realizes that this perspective is skewed and yet it is my norm. I too understand that everyone will eventually hurt you and not all of them will mean to do it. But I also know that those few who one may allow into the inner sanctum will have the power to do great damage.

Oh what a struggle it is.
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