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Ha! Taurus Aires and Scorpio. Welllll, let's just say that adding a more emotional sign probably won't work too well. They likely wouldn't be interested or would just stand in the background and watch. You could come across as either threatening and/or overly passionate.
The three of you would be a force to be reckoned with I would think. Lots of determined characters going on. When it goes well it would really go well I would think, but when trouble brews I would think it would really become crazy. It would take a strong person/sign to be added to that mix. I would think that being really aware and empathetic towards one another would fair you all well. Scorpio would struggle with that the most I think. Aires gets that, but fire signs push more than others. Taurus would check out and stick to their guns on an issue. They need to know why something needs changing in words rather than figuring it out on their own. Of course it is all so dependant on up bringing, life experience, other signs within your charts influence, what type of sign you are within your sun sign. Lots going on there. All of you would benefit from understanding your own sign, the rising and moon signs and their influence and really get to know how you see yourself fitting with the others first.

When it comes down to it though, its really hard to predict anything. Being self aware is the best bet in any relationship I think.
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