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Kevin & I also cancelled our planned backpacking trip up into the high mountains (Lake Katherine) due to probability of rain and mostly cloudy weather. We could have survived the trip, but neither of us wanted to have our trip be about survival.

So we went to Bandelier National Park / Monument instead [], which is located at a vastly lower elevation, and thus warmer -- and we "car camped" instead. It was warm enough, night and day, and it only rained for ten or twenty minutes! Luckily, Kevin had put the canopy (over the cooking/eating area) up in the nick of time.

Had we backpacked into the high mountains -- something like twelve thousand feet --, we'd not have had the car-camping option of driving away if we didn't like the weather, or became overwhelmed with a desire for huevos rancheros at Harry's Roadhouse.

Man, it was so beautiful in Frijoles Canyon! Lush and green! And climbing that series of wooden ladders up to the kiva in the cave was quite an experience! It was my second time up those ladders, and in Bandelier, but the first was more than ten years ago, when Kevin & I were new together. Since we had no "official" anniversary previously, we decided to make the date, yesterday (August 30) our "anniversary". The marker is the date of our return and climb up those ladders -- which somehow connected our selves then with our selves now, and rounded things out into completeness.
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