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Wink Do I look fat to you?

This thread is a tangent off of

So okay, y’all, There is a RIGHT ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION! And my amazing, wonderful, gorgeous adorable Hubby has found it.

Here’s how this scenario tends to run at our house now:

Me: Baby, do I look fat to you?
He: *looks me up and down slowly and appreciatively* Oh, yeah, baby, you look Pretty Hot And Tasty to me! My girl is PHAT, for sure.
*end of discussion. Beginning of kiss and cuddle.*

Another common variation:

Me: Baby, does this outfit make my butt look big?
He: *the slow and appreciative look* Oh yeah, baby. Mmm-hmm!
*end of discussion. Beginning of kiss and cuddle.*

This approach to the situation pretty much never fails at our house. Feel free to experiment. Your mileage may vary.
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