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I think of you, dear Redpepper, as a poly mentor in my life. "Mentor" is not quite right, as you and I do not generally have direct communication on issues I am personally facing; "exemplar" or "role model" are more accurate terms.

You and your tribe (especially Mono, PN and Derby) set a strong example of how to live in a polyamorous way with great personal integrity, honesty, love and respect for everyone in your life. I admire so very much your radical honesty, and the way you temper that honesty with compassion and genuine concern. I LOVE that you are so upfront and open about who you are, what you know and what you want. It takes great personal strength to be that open and vulnerable. I love that you seem so comfortable in your own skin; that is an issue of mine, like many women, and I'm making good progress. I see the way you celebrate and revel in your power as a woman and as a sexual being, and I think "Oh yeah, that girl's got in going ON!"

I could write a great deal more, but I feel like I'm already verging on a hijack. So I'll leave it at that.
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