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That would be another generalization. All older women don't get better in bed nor do they care do so. Some have sucked all of their lives. It has nothing to do with age or size. It's all about mindset. My last girl is an older woman and is mediocre. My mother and aunts are mediocre as well (How do I know this? Because I am open and candid with everyone which, for some reason, makes people feel more comfortable in sharing with me. Go figure). Also, getting 'better' in bed doesn't necessarily equate to being more 'adventurous' in bed. Still two different things. Case and point ... I can spend a great deal of time perfecting my head skills. That doesn't mean I'm more adventurous. Some people allow themselves to be more exploring and open sexually, thereby, broadening their ability to inquire and experiment. Some do feel like they have something to prove and that is their motivation to become better sexually. Ultimately, building your sexual skill set should, not only be about pleasing your partners, but also about learning yourself and what works for you.
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