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Default Thought it was a "healthy" open thing I was entering...

I'm new to polyamory and have found myself in a difficult situation with the relationship I've entered. I didn't look for a relationship with a couple, but I got involved in their open relationship slowly and found myself ok with it, and really getting serious with the woman. It's been a very intense 6 months or so of falling in love with her, and coming to disrespect, dislike, and disapprove of him.

I'd like to get some advice about the specifics of the situation, but when I sat down to write out the details, it turned into a book. And I don't know how this forum handles super long posts. I could trim it down and post, but could use a little guidance on if that's necessary, and where to post.

I've read a lot of posts here since I started considering being involved with her as a boyfriend. And I am encouraged by the variety of open, honest, and sometimes complex conversations here. I'd like to be a part of that.
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