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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

I admire my husband most of all. Dear PN. Anyone who can put up with the shit that I give out for all these years needs a medal! I really have been a bitch to him at times and have been so far from communicative in a respectful, kind manner... I forget to practice compassionate communication sometimes and I am very demanding. I have high expectations of him for sure and I am not always fair with that. He loves me anyway's and patiently reminds me of the path I am treading when I lose it on him. He is a bloody miracle to me. He has worked so hard on himself and so diligently. He has not had huge relationship success in terms of finding women and men to be partnered with, but he doesn't give up and doesn't get down about it... he says he has high expectations and says that I have created a high bar that not many women can match. Really he is crazy to think that way I think... but I secretly love to hear that

PN gets my vote all the way! He's an amazing man and no one holds a candle to his love and openness towards you....and that is saying a lot because I love you like crazy!!

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