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Redpepper..Thanks so much! I love reading your responses on the boards! I don't get on here much, but I should change that because it really helps me being so new!

My husband, our gf and myself all had a very serious talk the other night. She expressed her fears of never being able to marry my husband and the fear of being the "third wheel". In a way, it made me feel bad because I felt like she was settling for us and knowing how badly she wants marriage some day. She said she cares enough for us that we are all she wants and can get over the marriage part. We did even discuss a commitment ceremony sometime in the future if everything works out.

Communication has been a very big part in our relationship..and I think that's extremely important! She is very understanding of my feelings as I am hers. I think that with any relationship, there will always be the fears of it not working. I just know that we are all happy and will enjoy the ride while it lasts...hopefully forever!!
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