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Originally Posted by Quath View Post

Some people have said that by the third date you should have the poly talk. Some people say that in more modern dating, nonmonogamy is assumed until it is talked about. And when it is talked about, that is when the poly talk comes out.
Really? Because I am 30 (not THAT far from "modern" dating) and I always found that it was MONOGAMY which was expected. I'd go on two dates with a guy and he'd introduce me as his girlfriend. This always confused me and is what led to being a serial monogamist. I thought this was what was expected, what was normal, so this was what I had to be.

I'm also married so I have to be upfront from the beginning I guess. Though I have no experience with someone who doesn't know me as a married woman. So I'm sure I'll be questioning this myself should it happen.
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